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Bulk WhatsApp sender + Group Sender + Autobot (With License key Generator + Full Source Code)

Supercharge your WhatsApp marketing strategy with our Bulk WhatsApp sender, Group Sender, and Autobot. With this powerful trio, you can effortlessly connect with your audience, automate messages, and engage with customers like never before. What sets this product apart is that it comes with Full Source Code, giving you complete control and customization options. Plus, you get a License Key Generator to manage your sales effectively.

Resell Rights: Enhance your potential with this product, which enables you to resell it at your desired price point, putting you in control of your profits. You’ll receive the complete source code and a License Key Generator, equipping you for a successful reselling venture. Additionally, you have the flexibility to personalize the software, including rebranding it with your own logo, colors, and more.

Discover Our Software's User-Friendly Design and Exciting Features with These Screenshots!

Multi Account feature in Built-in Browser

Auto Link detection and Link Preview

One Click Auto Update

Bulk Group Creator/Generator

You can provide ‘Activation Code' (with date validity) on unlimited computers to your customers

Send Message To Your Joined Groups

Grab Numbers from Any Group(s)

Join Groups Using "Auto Group Joiner"

Whatsapp Auto Reply (Auto Responser) BOT

Multi Lingual - Available In Total 15+ Languages

Activation Process With KeyGen And Full Reseller Rights

Whatsapp Phone Number Filter & Validator

Grab (Scrap) All Contacts From Your Contact List

Send Unlimited Messages To Your Saved Contacts

Google Map Data Extractor/Scrapper

Find unlimited group links from internet with related topic

Audio File: Pick your any .ogg file it converts into recording automatically

Settings that can help to send a large number of messages without getting your account blocked

Support Any Kind of Attachments

Whatsaap Business Number Extractor

Get Poll Reports and Responses

Social Media Data Extractor

License Key Manager: generate unlimited license keys for your customers

Full documentation Including Developer Documentation for Re-Branding the software

Standard coding structure

Unlock Endless Possibilities: Customize, Rebrand, and White-label the Software with Your Logo to Resell to Unlimited Customers and Start Earning Today!

Dynamic personalised Messaging System

Example: – hi {{Name}} ’ , Your invoice no {{InvoiceNo}} is generated , Click below link to download {{InvoiceLink}}

Lot More Tools To Make Your WhatsApp Campaign Easy

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If you Buy before Midnight of July 14, 2024 you'll get access to these 27 exclusive bonuses Also TODAY with Free Access to 20,000+ Digital Products With Reseller Rights

Bonuses With Reseller Rights

Multi WhatsApp account Browser

This is another powerful Windows-based software called “Multi WhatsApp Account Browser + WhatsApp Warmer / Account Engager”. This innovative tool enables efficient management and engagement of multiple WhatsApp accounts directly from your PC. The actual price of this software is ₹3000, but Today, you’ll Receive it As a Bonus for Free, along with full reseller rights, a license key generator, and lifetime free updates.

With Reseller Rights

WhatsApp Number Filter/Validator

This Another powerful Windows-based software, WhatsApp Number Filter. An advanced solution for filtering and validating numbers, ensuring their availability on WhatsApp before proceeding your campaign. You can validate an unlimited number of contacts. The regular price for this software is ₹3700. However, Today, you will receive this software as a Free Bonus, along with Full Reseller Rights, License Key Generator, and lifetime free updates.

With Reseller Rights

1350+ Motivational Reels

Elevate your content game with this remarkable bonus offer. Unlock a treasure trove of 1350+ captivating motivational reels that are not only designed to inspire and uplift but also come with resell rights, allowing you to harness their power for personal motivation or even as an additional stream of income.

With Reseller Rights

10 Million All India Database(Updated)

The All India Database with 10 million real, authentic entries, now available with full resell rights! Unlock the power of data with this comprehensive database that spans across every corner of India. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or entrepreneur, this invaluable resource is designed to propel your endeavors to new heights.

With Reseller Rights

500+ Ai Reels With Reseller Rights

A complimentary bonus that’s bound to elevate your creative endeavors! Unlock the power of innovation with our “500+ AI Reels with Resell Rights” package. Dive into a vast collection of over 500 meticulously crafted AI-powered video reels, each designed to captivate and engage your audience like never before. With resell rights included, you not only enhance your own content game but also open doors to potential income streams.

With Reseller Rights

999+ Ultimate ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Support

Ultimate ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Support – Your Key to Enhanced Customer Engagement and Support Excellence! Unlock the power of seamless customer interactions with our exclusive offer: 999+ meticulously crafted ChatGPT prompts designed to revolutionize your customer support game. As a free bonus, we’re thrilled to provide you with these dynamic prompts, all with resell rights, to further elevate your business opportunities.

With Reseller Rights

10,000+ Infographics Pack

You are about to get lifetime access to an exclusive collection of 10,000+ High-Quality & Ready-to-Use Infographics in more than 100+ popular categories. On the inside, you’ll get exclusive lifetime access to everything you need to create beautiful and engaging slides and PowerPoint presentations to make your design workflow professional, faster, and easier. Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Slides and PowerPoint Files In 100+ Popular Categories… Compatible With Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides etc…

With Reseller Rights

3000 Professionally Created Chat GPT Prompts

ChatGPT Prompts is a product with 3000 professionally created ChatGPT Prompts. It has been made for you to reap all the benefits that we have sowed in it. You just have to copy and paste the prompt on ChatGPT to optimize it.

With Reseller Rights

2000+ WhatsApp Group Links

The largest WhatsApp Group Links list 2000+ WhatsApp Group Links list, Best collection of WhatsApp group Links. Wide range of WhatsApp group links. Multiply your earning opportunities and automate message sending. Increase your earning with these WhatsApp group links with real members in it.

With Reseller Rights

WhatsApp Marketing Course

A marketing course to teach you the essentials of WhatsApp Marketing. Learn how to drive customer engagement and increase customer loyalty using WhatsApp. Learn from industry experts, make new connections and network your way to success. this can be a great opportunity for you.

With Reseller Rights

1500+ Canva Post Template

You are about to get access to an exclusive collection of Ready-to-Use Eye-Caching Canva Templates Boost your business or brand identity Gain instant authority from your audience Create beautiful and engaging social media content. Get loved while dramatically growing your reach Make your design workflow professional, faster, and easier. (You’ll ONLY need a free Canva account)

With Reseller Rights

30,000+ High-Converting DFY Promo Emails Bundle

30,000 pre-written promotional emails that are optimized for high conversion rates. With a variety of niches covered, you can easily find emails that suit your business needs. Simply copy and paste the emails into your email marketing campaign and watch the results pour in. Say goodbye to the hassle of writing emails from scratch and hello to higher conversions with the 30K High-Converting DFY Promo Emails Bundle.

With Reseller Rights

ChatGPT Masterclass

The ChatGPT Masterclass is a comprehensive bonus that provides invaluable knowledge and insights on how to effectively utilize ChatGPT for a variety of purposes. With this bonus, you’ll learn how to optimize your customer service, generate leads, conduct market research, and create personalized experiences for your audience. The ChatGPT Masterclass is a game-changer, offering you the chance to take your skills and expertise to the next level and achieve unprecedented success.

With Reseller Rights

8000 Facebook Business Groups Links 200 Million People

Now you can become a member of more than 8000 groups with 200 million members in total, having a lot of potential to promote your business. Now your next task is to join in most of these groups and promote your product. Imagine on an average 50 members in each group click and visit your website and you are member of 200 groups 50×200=10000 visits or clicks to your link per Month.

With Reseller Rights

ChatGPT Mastery

The ChatGPT Mastery bonus is an exclusive offer designed to help you take full advantage of the incredible capabilities of ChatGPT. This comprehensive training program provides you with all the knowledge and skills necessary to become a master of ChatGPT, unlocking a wealth of opportunities to transform your business and career. You'll learn to leverage the full potential of this powerful tool and achieve unparalleled success in your industry.

With Reseller Rights

AI For Entrepreneurs

The AI For Entrepreneurs bonus is an incredible offer that provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools necessary to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to grow their businesses. With this bonus, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of how The AI works and how it can be used to streamline operations, automate tasks, and improve decision-making. This training program is designed to be highly practical, with hands-on guidance and step-by-step instructions to help you implement AI solutions in your business.

With Reseller Rights

300+ ReadyMade Landing PageTemplates

Tired of struggling with landing pages? Good news! If you purchase our Whatsapp bulk sender software today, you'll receive a fantastic bonus: a collection of over 300 landing pages for free. Say goodbye to landing page woes and grab this deal now!

With Reseller Rights

1000+ High Quality Quote Images

For a limited time, you have the opportunity to receive more than 1000 beautifully designed and high-resolution images featuring inspiring, motivational, or thought-provoking quotes. These images can be used for various purposes, such as social media posts, presentations, or personal inspiration. This bonus is provided at no cost, adding significant value to your content or personal collection.

With Reseller Rights


This offer provides you with a complimentary bonus of 1000 or more "GYM REELS." GYM REELS could refer to short video clips or reels related to fitness, workouts, or gym content. This bonus might be part of a promotion or incentive to encourage people to engage with fitness content or a particular platform.

With Reseller Rights


For a limited time, you have the opportunity to receive the GRAPHIC BUNDLE 675 GB PACK at no cost. This is a collection of graphic resources, potentially including design templates, images, icons, fonts, and more, totaling a massive 675 GB of content. It's a valuable offer for individuals or businesses looking to enhance their design and creative projects without incurring any expenses.

With Reseller Rights

Yes That's Not All

TODAY with FREE Access to 20,000+ Digital Products with Resell Rights!

Imagine, owning 20,000+ digital products with the POWER to resell them and make a FORTUNE. But here's the catch - this EXCLUSIVE offer disappears TONIGHT at midnight, on July 14, 2024(Today)

Exclusive and Limited Time Offer

Why Choose Our WhatsApp Bulk Sender Software?

Reach More Customers in Less Time with WhatsApp Bulk Sender!

#1. No more typing

#2. Reaching More Customers in Less Time

#3. WhatsApp Auto Reply Bot

#4. Powerful Free Business Tools for Your WhatsApp Campaign

#5. Resell Opportunity

#6. White-labeling

#7. Stay ahead with free lifetime updates

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Here's a Quick Recap of What You'll Get After Your Purchase

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Exclusive and Limited Time Offer

This offer is valid for today only, so don't miss out! Buy Before July 14, 2024 (Today) the price will go back up to ₹1999 After End Of this offer

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Bulk Business Booster

You can resell this software, keeping 100% of the profit, and install it on an unlimited number of computers. You can provide your customers with an ‘Activation Code’ (with a specified validity date) and generate unlimited license keys for them. Furthermore, you will receive the source code of the software, allowing you to rebrand it with your own name, logo, etc. and Mega Bonuses Included This offer is valid for today only, so don't miss out! Buy Before July 14, 2024 (Today) the price will go back up to ₹1999 After end of this offer
399 One Time Payment
  • WhatsApp Bulk Sender Software
  • Powerful Free Business Tools
  • Lifetime updates
  • Customer Support
  • Google Map Data Extractor(Extract Mobile Number & Email)
  • User Documentation
  • Developer Documentation
  • License key Manager(For PC)
  • License key Manager(For Android)
  • Unlimited Instalations
  • 100% Resale rights
  • Full Source Code
  • Customize, Rebrand, and White-label the Software with your Own Logo (WhatsApp Bulk Sender Software)
  • 27 Mega Bonuses
  • And Much more
  • FREE Access to 20,000+ Digital Products with Resell Rights! (Buy Before Midnight- July 14, 2024) Offer Ends Today
Limited Time

Frequently Asked Questions

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You will get Well-Optimized PDF file automatically Just After your Purchase On your Email ID. with DOWNLOAD LINKS.

You will get!

>>Whatsapp Bulk Sender Sotware.

>>Telegram AI Chatbot Pro Software.

>>And All Free Bonuses.

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Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools unofficial and independent of WhatsApp; You agree not to use the Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools service for spam

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We prioritize keeping all our products up to date to provide the best user experience possible. Our dedicated team constantly works to improve our products and ensures they stay current with the latest trends and versions. We also perform regular testing on our products to ensure they perform optimally. As soon as the update is ready, we will send it directly to your registered email address.

We don’t Guarantee, The offer is limited Time.

This is an automated tool that not use unallowed ways, instead of open whatsapp and start sending message one by one manually this tool will send them one by one automatically.

Yes, Through chat Grabber tool, you can grab all chat list , then after you need to prepare this list and then through Group Sender you can send messages to selected Groups

We don’t have demo version right now , You can happily buy this product with no hesitate , all things are already tested OK.

The .exe file which can runs on Windows PC.


The .exe file which can runs on Windows PC.


1) We suggest to not use your main personal account (you can use a new account number)

2) Just try to use your new account for few days sending and receiving and after sending bulk from it

3) Send account number (that you want use it to send bulk) as vcard from your personal account with friends and family ask them to save it and to message you on it

4) When you start send bulk from new account start with small bulks

5) Join Open WhatsApp Groups and make some conversation their

6) Try to write message in a way that recipient do not report it as spam (this is the most critical issue with new accounts)

7) Try to use Multi Message and/or Spintax options on the application, which allow you to write same message in different way

8) Add your numbers and your friends number that you usually chat with them and set initiate dialog with them after x amount of messages

9) Give your account more credibility by joining groups

10) Do not send more than 600 messages per hour. Bulk Whatsapp Sender has a unique capping option where you can tell Bulk Whatsapp Sender when to stop sending messages.

11) Send messages only to opt-in users

Email will be delivered to you within a second, once your Purchase has done.

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However, item support does not include:

-Remote support
-Support via phone calls
-Customization services
-Installation services

(You will get well optimized Documentation, so that you can customize the software easily, we do not provide software Customization & Installation services)

Works on Windows 8, 10 and 11
Net framework 4.6 runtime.
Note: The software does not function properly on Windows 7 and earlier versions. Additionally, it is not compatible with Mac and Android operating systems; it is designed exclusively for Windows.

Yes, you can resell the software. However, you will need to purchase reseller plan in order to do so.

Note: The unauthorized duplication of this and our any landing pages, including its design, content, and images, is strictly prohibited. Any individuals or entities found to have replicated  without obtaining the necessary authorization will face legal consequences.

It has a list of settings that can help to send a large number of messages without getting your account blocked.
1: With WaSender , you can send multiple variants of messages in single time. For example, if you are sending messages to 1000+ numbers, you can create around 5 different variants of messages so that your messages remain different.

2: This allows you to import files with variables that can help you to even further distinguish each of your messages. For example, you can import a file with a name & number and use the name to make each message unique.

3: We provide settings like the time between messages and other advanced settings that prevent your account from getting blocked.

Limited Time Offer